Bite Adjustment

Every time you close your mouth or bite down to bring your teeth together, there should be a healthy distribution of forces. Additionally, your top teeth should contact the bottom teeth during jaw movement in a functionally harmonious way. Having any premature or uneven contact between the upper and lower teeth can lead to unhealthy jaw deviations when biting, along with other symptoms of soreness or discomfort.

Our dentist will perform a bite adjustment to correct uneven contacts or bite interferences with the goal of restoring a healthy distribution of forces to your teeth as they function. It involves selective and minor filing and reshaping of the occlusal or incisal surfaces (biting surfaces) of the teeth. It's a precise procedure that, in most cases, produces no discomfort. The adjustment may be performed on a single tooth or on multiple teeth as needed.

Today, with advanced dental technology, even the slightest bite discrepancies can be detected, allowing you to receive the most precise occlusal adjustments.